FEB 6 M.S. students graduated
MAR 2 Graduate students admitted
AUG 1 M.S and 1 Ph.D. students graduated
SEP Establish Advanced Nuclear Waste Management Technology Research Center
3 Graduate students admitted
FEB 7 M.S. students graduated
MAR 9 Graduate students admitted
SEP 5 Graduate students admitted
JAN Moved into newly renovated Industrial and Management Eng. Building
FEB 4 M.S. students graduated
MAR 14 Graduate students admitted
May Hosted 8th International Conference on Multiphase Flow in Jeju
JUN 3 POSTECH professors appointed
AUG Successfully completed WCU project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)
2 M.S. students graduated
SEP Selected Brain Korea 21(BK21+) for Leading Universities&Students program of National Research Foundation
1 Graduate student admitted
OCT Inauguration of 2nd Division head Moo Hyun Cho
MAR 16 Graduate students admitted
JUN Hosted the International Workshop on Post-Fukushima Challenges in Nuclear Safety and Environmental Contamination – Where to go from here
JUN Signed MOU with University of Michigan, Dept. of Nuclear Eng. And Radiological Sciences/ Royal Institute of Technology, Division of Nuclear Power Safety/ Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of Nuclear Eng. And Environmental Physics
SEP 3 Graduate students admitted
FEB 7 POSTECH professors, 7 foreign professors appointed
MAR 8 Graduate students admitted
SEP Dr. Joo-Hyun Baik appointed/ Dr. Chang Kue Park appointed/ 4 Graduate students admitted
NOV Dr. Hyun Sun Park appointed
OCT Selected as the second round WCU project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST)
DEC Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering (DANE) Established Moo Hwan Kim, appointed as Head professor